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Discussing the Power of All Sports Market with LA Kings Legend Bernie Nicholls

Photo credit: Mike Powell/Getty Images Image added: AllSports Market
Photo credit: Mike Powell/Getty Images
Image added: AllSports Market

When the NHL‘s regular season ended in mid-April, so did the seasons of 14 of their clubs, including the reigning Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings. Just the fifth team in the expansion era to miss the playoffs one year after winning hockey’s Holiest prize, fans of the silver-and-black entered the summer with chips on their shoulder, eagerly awaiting the start of the 2015-16 campaign. As of today, the 2015-16 season-opener is exactly three weeks away and Kings fans are getting more excited with each passing day.

But what Kings fans are going through isn’t unique. After all, the fans of the 28 other teams who did not see their team win Lord Stanley‘s mug are just as poised for the upcoming season to start. Heck, even fans of the champion Chicago Blackhawks want the season to start just as much as they are achingly awaiting their team’s defense of said championship. But while many fans get the thrill of watching their team perform game-in and game-out, there are just as many fans — if not more — who love the thrill of adding a little incentive to their already-breathtaking pastime.

Enter the All Sports Market app.

While fans of the Los Angeles Kings are most familiar with Bernie Nicholls from his days playing with the club from 1981 to 1990, the former 70-goal-scorer has since been a spokesperson for the All Sports Market, an app for the world’s first sports stock market.

When he began with ASM in 2007, Nicholls had become the first international spokesperson for the company and has since helped mold it into a serious player in the global sports financial exchange.

Last month, I had the opportunity to catch up with Mr. Nicholls to talk about All Sports Market and how it might influence young sports fans.

“It should influence everybody. Everybody’s a huge sports fan, it’s an alternative to gambling,” Nicholls told me. “I used to gamble myself and I always tell people that there’s nothing worse than meeting your bookie in the morning somewhere and handing him an envelope full of hundred-dollar bills.”

Nicholls continued.

“All Sports is an investment, you can do it in different ways. You can invest in your favourite sports team. To me, I just think watching– you can invest in anything: gold, silver, companies — being able to watch your team perform every day, to me, that’s a little more exciting. And it doesn’t even have to be your favourite team. You can play general manager, you can invest in a team you think is going to have a good year, you can invest in a team you think is going to have a good week. It doesn’t have to be every day. You can do it for a year, you can sell anytime you want. If your team loses, you don’t lose your investment.

“But basically, it’s exactly the same as the stock market. You’re buying a sports team and whichever team it may be – your favourite team or just a team you think is going to do well – every time your team wins, every shareholder can pay dividends on their win. So, to me, like I said, it’s an alternative to gambling. I know gamblers who enjoy playing it as well. You still have action, you still invested interest in your team, you still get to watch your team perform every day.”

With each passing month, it appears that the NHL’s fantasy of expanding to Las Vegas will soon become a reality. In the case when — and if — it does become a reality, I asked Nicholls whether he thought a professional sports team in Sin City could influence the success of ASM.

“I think any sports team in Las Vegas would do well. It’s a big city now, it’s a fun city to go play in, a fun city to live in. I live there myself. I think it’d be great.”

As for advice on what teams are smarter investments than others for ASM users, Nicholls used one NHL team who made quite a few positive moves this offseason as a prime example.

“To answer that question, the team that just drafted Connor McDavid, Edmonton Oilers, were a low team and now they’re trading pretty high.”

Finally, I asked the Kings legend how other sports leagues have reacted to ASM.

“We’ve reached out to the NHL, NBA and Major League Baseball to get licensing agreements with them,” Nicholls said. “What we’re going to do is that every time a transaction is made in whatever sport it is, we’re going to give 50 per cent to that league. So, we’re helping out there. We’re also going to be giving back to former players in the sport, so we’re going to give back that way, too.”

Thanks to All Sports Market, you can buy and sell your favourite teams on the world’s first sports stock market, and it may just bring that extra bit of excitement to a fan’s routine of watching their teams perform on a nightly basis.
ASM is a sound investment for the most casual or passionate of sports fans and is available for download exclusive for the iPhone and the iPad.

Whether fans are curious to see how the app works or whether they want to make some money, All Sports Market is the place for them.

For more information, visit asmfree.com or follow ASM on Twitter @ASMFreeApp.

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