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Born and raised in Canada and surrounded by the sport of hockey for as long as he can remember, there is nothing Jeff loves talking about more than the past, present and future of his beloved Los Angeles Kings.

50 Years of LA Kings Hockey – The Gretzky Trade


Alright, alright. The time has finally arrived for us to go back in time and re-live not just one of the biggest and most important moments in Los Angeles Kings` history, but one of the biggest and most important moments in the history of the NHL and the hockey world, ...

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50 Years of LA Kings Hockey : The Miracle on Manchester

(photo credit to kings.nhl.com)

Everybody loves a good underdog story. Whether it was David vs Goliath in the bible, The New York Mets vs the Boston Red Sox in the 1986 World Series, or Bret “The Hitman” Hart against the 500 pound Yokozuna at WrestleMania X, (not the one from Wrestlemania IX), people love ...

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50 Years of LA Kings Hockey: The Triple Crown Line


Guess who’s back for an all-out attack and that all out attack is… well, by the ‘Triple Crown Line’! What a perfect hip-hop segue for us to jump back into our favorite time machines (I personally prefer the DeLorean, complete with a Flux Capacitor and a Mr. Fusion for the ...

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50 Years of LA Kings Hockey: Butch Goring and the Forgotten Playoff Series


Guess who’s back with an all new attack and that all new attack is the Mack. And by Mack, I mean the first real superstar in Los Angeles Kings history, the unforgettable Robert “Butch” Goring and the forgotten-in-time playoff series that he and his LA Kings had back in 1976 ...

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50 Years of LA Kings Hockey: Year One


Guess who’s back with a brand new track and the brand new track’s all that??? Well it’s me and since this season is the 50th anniversary (or birthday) of the Los Angeles Kings, and with our fearless leader here at MakeWay, Lord Commander Ryan Cowley doing his excellent “Royal Reflection” interviews ...

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These Players Were LA Kings???


Yes they were! But I can’t honestly blame anyone for not remembering that as they were not Los Angeles Kings’ players for very long, so if you blinked, even for just a second, you might have missed their entire tenure there.  This article was spawned from a fun conversation I ...

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Don’t Give Up On The Comeback Kings


With the Los Angeles Kings returning to the playoffs after missing them last year, the Kings have found themselves behind in an early hole against the San Jose Sharks.  The Kings thus far have played sloppy, are not generating much offense and seem to be having trouble with staying out ...

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Don’t You Forget About Brayden McNabb


Please play this YouTube video on loop while you read this article. Everyone in the Kingdom remembers the 2014 trade deadline, when Los Angeles Kings’ GM Dean Lombardi traded the disappointing Matt Frattin and some draft pics to the Columbus Blue Jackets for scoring sensation Marian Gaborik.  The rest was ...

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The Mount Rushmore of the LA Kings


Hello Make Way For the Kings’ readers!  My name is Jeff Duarte (aka @JDStylz_) and I am honored to be contributing to this great Los Angeles Kings’ news site and to be working with its emperor Ryan Cowley! I have to admit though that I struggled with coming up with a ...

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